Conventions and Conferences

Planning & Coordination

For hotels, convention centers, and other meeting locations, we help you plan and coordinate all of your audiovisual, computer, and exhibitor needs. Our convention experience can help guide you in managing, installing and coordinating all of the necessary functions for a successful conference. Our exhibitor experience helps complete your technology needs, as well as the design and requirements for your booth set-ups. Our hardware and software experience is well known by other show management companies and exhibitors as well as our existing customers for being the highest-tech, cutting-edge and adding insightful consultative recommendations.

Equipment Recommendations

Choosing the most appropriate and highest quality equipment for your trade show can be a difficult decision. Along with providing all your hardware needs, we also provide the best product recommendations for equipment and other trade show factors when your choices are overwhelming. It’s been our business for almost two decades and we want to educate you in the most progressive, highest-tech and professional options available to you today.

Set-up & Delivery

We deliver, set-up and pick-up your rental equipment. We also prepare equipment with all software, hardware and peripherals pre-loaded, pre-configured, intact and working by the time it arrives at your designated site. In addition, we provide you with exact schedules of specific steps along the way, keeping you informed and in charge.

Technical & Union Support

We know your technical support needs during a trade show or convention are both critical and urgent. For this reason your requirements dictate flexibility, including 24/7 easy access support for all types of locations such as hotels and convention centers. We also work well with Union chapters throughout the country and other regulated facilities to provide either comprehensive or supplemental support necessary for you to remain competitive and professional in the public arena.

Budget Constraints

Budget constraints for audiovisual and computer needs always seem to be stretched. Therefore, purchasing equipment is not necessarily the most economical way to satisfy operational needs. Renting state-of-the-art computers and audiovisual needs, allow you to harness the most cutting edge equipment at all times. In doing this, you also gain tax benefits by using operating budgets for temporary projects rather than dealing with the costs of capital expenses and purchases.