Our Clients Say…

make a difference
I thank each of you for going beyond the limits, trusting in us, daring to make a difference in thousands of lives around the world (at the Youth Learning Conference in Denver). You graced the conference behind the scenes, without most knowing your contributions.
attention to detail
The meeting was successful due to your hard work and attention to detail. Capital AV's top notch work is to be commended.
technical excellence
Choosing Capital AV will ensure that your event will be delivered with technical excellence.
the sessions ran smoothly
Your attention to detail was outstanding. Despite many last minute changes and late arriving speakers, the sessions ran smoothly. Thanks for another successful year!
the equipment worked perfectly
The equipment in each meeting room worked perfectly and there were no software glitches. Of special note were comments received regarding the Hands-On Workshop. Your staff did an excellent job making this training exercise a reality.
valuable suggestions
Thank you, for providing us with valuable suggestions for enhancing our speakers presentations through the information we send them, and by always attending our on-site Speakers Meeting...patiently answering their myriad of questions.

A complete list of references and letters of testimony are available upon request.